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Would you like to be well?  Of course you would!  But for many of us that seems like an impossible dream.  At Biodynamic Quantum Healing, we try to make your dreams come true!
Our view is that no-one needs to be sick - all we have to do is to find the right vibrational keys to correcting the imbalances in your quantum energy field.  Getting older should not be a slow (or not so slow) decline to the grave nor should anyone have to exist on a concoction of toxic pharmaceuticals (don't throw them away just yet!).   We believe you should be healthy until the day you die!
With our wealth of experience and constant flow of information from all sources (including the Archangelic Realms, Eloheim, and other Beings of Light, as well as books, newspapers, and TV), we are constantly updating and increasing the number of these vibrational keys.
We are intuitive diagnosticians and vibrational healers who identify and correct imbalances in the physical, mental and emotional bodies.  We can also make recommendations for life choices and give business advice, and even on occasion, point research scientists in the right direction!
We are down-to-earth, practical people, here to help people and animals get well.  So call us to see how we can help you.  Initial consultations are free.
Mary Whyte and Lorraine Wright

BDQH is offering a series of workshops to expand your awareness and reach your potential.  Deep healing will take place in these workshops and it is essential to complete the 2 days.
Crystal Light UK essences which are used to support the healing will be experienced during the workshops and will be available for purchase

Healing the Ancestors / Healing Ourselves  
Dates: 19-20 March, 2016
Price:  £140  
£125 early bird price before February 19th

Monday 21st March-Self Healing Techniques
Price: £65 
Venue: Kingskerswell, Devon, UK

           People hold the emotional keys to illness in the genes and tissues of their physical bodies.  Many of these keys are inherited from ancestors or brought in from previous livetimes or generated during childhood.        BDQH provides techniques and spiritual practices allowing you to not only become aware of these keys but also to change the belief systems and attitudes which give them life.  
This weekend will address not only current life but also those inherited from family and past lifes


Transforming Karma / Transending Lifetimes  
Dates: 21-22 May, 2016
Price:  £140  
£125 early bird price before April 21st

Monday 23rd May- Self Healing Techniques
Price: £65 
Venue: Kingskerswell, Devon, UK

            Overcoming and transcending our karma is a chance to resolve old issues which may have run through many lifetimes and provides us with an opportunity to better ourselves.  What have you done in a past life to suffer so in this one?  Do you feel stuck and unable to move forward?  Do you think you have done something bad in a previous life which is limiting your achievement in this life?  
In this workshop, BDQH will show you how to resolve and transmute the patterns which have been holding you a prisoner.  Break free! Break out!  Break through and live the life you were meant to live!!  

Journey of the Soul   
10-11 September, 2016
Price:  £140  
£125 early bird price before August 12th

Monday 12th - Self Healing Techniques
Price: £65 
Venue: Kingskerswell, Devon, UK

          As for your Soul's destiny, you are here to fully awake up to becoming enlightened.  The Soul is part of you that carries the memory of all your past experiences, not only from this lifetime, but all past lives as well.               This weekend is to help you discover your core essence, higher purpose and direction in life to fulfill the purpose of your incarnation at this time.                                               The weekend will help you to:                                                     . Recognise and work through your challenges
    . Understand and create better relationships
    . Recognise and express your strengths
    . Manifest your dreams
    . Unfurl your Soul's purpose
If this incarnation is fulfilled, and you have learned the lessons set before you, you will have achieved your greatest task in this incarnation.

Ascension / Riding the wave of Light  
19-20 November, 2016
Price:  £140  
£125 early bird price before October 19th

Monday 21st Nov- Self Healing Techniques
Price: £65 
Venue: Kingskerswell, Devon, UK

           This is a weekend of Self Discovery.  A time to shift and awaken yourself to who you really are.  A time of tuning into new frequencies/vibrations as you go through changes, transformations within the mind, the consciousness lives.  Learn to overcome and peel back the layers of old patterns/programming, that block progress.  Learn to surrender and embrace the changes as you shift into and experience the energy of your LIGHT BODY, allowing you to connect to experience and use the Higher and Divine erergies in everyday life to bring a greater quality and meaning to your life

Master Essences:


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