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The products we recommend to clients have to meet a high vibrational standard as well as a high standard of effectiveness.  All the flower and gem essence recommendations and homeopathic companies meet these high standards.  However, not all products within the nutritional companies listed meet these criteria.  Recommendations will be made during your healing session, as to which products to purchase.

Biodynamic Quantum Healing Meditation CDs
Biodynamic Quantum Healing Morning & Evening MediationsMorning & Evening Meditations  may be downloaded from CD baby or iTunes following the links below.  See our News Page for more information.

Crystal Light UK Transformational Gem and Channelled Essences
Mail Order
    Mary Whyte, Tel: (0044) 7584-785127
     Email: [email protected]

UK Stockist:
     Rebecca Jenkins,Exeter, Devon EX4  6BZ
     Tel: (0044) 7533-680-417
     Email: [email protected]

     Justin Roseveare,Truro, Cornwall. TR4  9AZ
     Tel: (0044) 0 7495 274 586  
        Email: [email protected]
Ireland Stockists and Mail Order:
     Alchemy, Killalooe, Co Clare, Ireland
     Tel: (00353) 6137-594
     Email: [email protected]
     Jean Blake
     Homeopathy Supplies Ireland Ltd
     Feltrim(Swords), Co.Dublin,
     Tel: (00353) 863779974
     Email: [email protected]
     Down to Earth, 
     South St. George St, Dublin 2
     Tel: (00353) 1 671 9702

Helios, UK
Tel: 01892-537254

Jean Blake, Dublin, Ireland 
Homeopathy Supplies Ireland Ltd
Tel: (00353) 863779974

 Down to Earth, Dublin, Ireland 
 South St. George St, Dublin 2
 Tel: (00353) 1 671 9702

House Clearing Services
       Williams Wright
       Clears negative energies, ley lines and other 
       energies affecting your property. 
       All psychic manifestations gently removed into the light.
       Tel:  (0044) (0)1803-402081
       MOB:(0044) (0)7802-255919
       Email: [email protected]

Music for Meditation/Healing
       Tel: (0044) (0)1803-293030

Nutritional/Herbal Products
Colloidal Silver UK
Tel: 01460 281 074

Good Health Naturally
Tel: 0800-0151580

Higher Nature
Tel: 0870-0664111

Tel: 01380-812799

Neals Yard Remedies
Tel: 0845-262-3145

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