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New Direction:  Meditation CDs

Mary leads many wonderful channeled meditations during our inspiring workshops, and we have had many requests to do meditation CDs.

Biodynamic Quantum Healing's Morning & Evening Meditations
Therefore, we are delighted to announce our first meditation album,  Morning & Evening Meditations has been released. We were thrilled because while recording this album, we had the honour to be visited by Ascended Masters who kindly added their energy to the recording. This means that you will literally 'get a kick up the backside' every time you listen to it, to move you forward in life!!

The wonderful background music on this album has been provided by our good friend, Clive Williamson, of Symbiosis Music. Not only did he provide the music, but also recorded the tracks, re-mastered the album, took the cover photos, and uploaded it to iTunes and cdbaby. Way to go Clive!!

Many of our clients have reported that even playing it as a background to their daily activities, it releases stress and tension, bringing peace and tranquility to their day.  If practiced twice a day, you can expect to see huge changes in your life. Enjoy!

This album can be downloaded from either iTunes or CDBaby. Just put in Biodynamic Quantum Healing in the search engine on either site, and it should just pop up. Otherwise access the links below. If you do not have the facility to download, please contact either Lorraine or Mary to reserve your CD of the album, which will available shortly.


Journey of the Soul
September 16/17, 2017
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
A workshop to help you discover your core essence, higher purpose and direction in life to fulfill the purpose of your incarnation at this time.
Prerequisite:  This is an advanced workshop and in order to take this workshop a minimum of two workshops need to have been completed.
Cost:  £140 (after August 16, £160)
Self-Healing Techniques
Monday, Sept 18, Kingskerswell, Devon
A mini-workshop to learn and develop self healing techniques to help your self and your family. 
Cost: £70

Manifesting Abundance
November 17/18, 2017 
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
Learn to transmute negative thoughts and beliefs which act as a barrier to your abundance.  Transform 'lack' into 'abundance'.
Cost:  £140 (after October 17, £160)
Self-Healing Techniques
Monday, November 19, Kingskerswell, Devon
A mini-workshop to learn and develop self healing techniques to help your self and your family. 
Cost: £70

2018 Workshops

If you are interested in receiving information on our 2018 workshops when it is available, please send us your email address.

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