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Crystal Products

These exceptional and original crystal products have been lovingly developed for you by Mary Whyte and Lorraine Wright.

NEW MASTER ESSENCES                 
 £15.99 for 30ml
(see Crystal Light Essences page for descriptions)
Into the Light
Crystal Light Transformational Essences -                  £15.99 for 30ml
(see Crystal Light Essences page for descriptions)
Be Flexible
Blues Away
Bugs be Gone
Calm in Motion
Courage for Challenges
Fat Free
Focus on Now
Go Forward
Inner Child
Prosperity & Abundance
Radiation Block
Radiation Reverse
Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
Whale DNA
Cost: £12.99 for 30ml
(see Crystal Light Essences page for descriptions)
Emotional Balance
Mental Balance
Tiger Lilly 

Crystal Light Crystals
Please call Mary to order these crystal combination packs including crystals and essences.  She will energetically match these to your vibration for the maximum possible effect.  Prices may vary slightly due to the differing crystal sizes.
Autistic Spectrum Disorders SET including a pack of crystals and 4 essences (from £85)
        Grounding and Hyperactivity Crystal Combination
        DNA & RNA
        Be Flexible
        Inner Child
        Into The Light

Programmed Psychic Protection Crystals      (to wear)
Radiation Block(for equipment)  (from £25)
a crystal pack yo either carry or use around your equipment
Psychic ProtectionPacket - inclusive below:-        (from £54)
1 crystal pack and 1 essence
         Programmed Protection Crystal together with
         Into The Light essence

Radiation Protection Packet -inclusive below :-(from £73)
2 crystal packs and 2 essences
        Programmed Radiation Block Crystals to carry
         Radiation Block Crystals (for computers etc)
         Radiation Block Essence    
         Radiation Reverse Essence
 Water Cleansing Crystals (for water jug) (from £29)
 Other Crystal Combinations (to carry in pocket)
           Astral Travel (from £15)
         Attune to Your Guardian Angel (from £25)
          Calm-(giving peace & Tranquility) (from £15)
         Courage for Challenges (from £25)
         Connection to the Angelic Realms (£12)
         Focus on Now (Grounding) ( from £15.00)
         Prosperity and Abundance (from £29)
         Radiation Block (from £25)
         Self-Confidence/Self-Esteem (from £25)
         Psychic Protection (from £29)

Crystal Healing Layouts (for under the mattress)
            Relaxation (relieves stress and aids sleep)
          Self Empowerment (stand your ground and move forward)
          Fertility I
          Fertility II
          Grounding and Hyperactivity
          Back Disorders (realigns spine & strengthens muscles)
          Self-Confidence and Self-Esteem
          Mental and Emotional Balance (aids peace and tranquility)
Individual and personalised Crystal Healing Layouts may be made up to meet a client's individual needs.  Please call Mary for further information.
Tel. 0044(0) 7584 785 127
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