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Biodynamic Quantum Healing's Lorraine Wright and Mary Whyte

BQH's Lorraine Wright and Mary Whyte

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'I've been waiting my whole life for a workshop like this'

BioDynamic Quantum Healing is a healing modality channelled by Lorraine Wright which heals through the space/time continuum.
We are born with ancestral, family and past-life patterns, memories, imprints and belief systems which do not serve us in this lifetime. BQH shows how we can go beyond these limitations, which keep us stuck in a false reality instead of realising and utilizing our fullest potential.
The workshops are in two parts.  The first two days are a workshop, designed to break down the old patterns, allowing us to form new ones which better support and enhance our spirituality.  On the third day, we will teach skills you can use in your daily life, so that you can move beyond the paradigms of the mind which limit your ability to create the future and which will allow you to continue the work begun in the workshop.

Crystal Light UK essences will be used to support the transformation process, and will be available for purchase.

Venue:   Kingskerswell Community Centre, Kingskerswell,                     Newton Abbot, Devon

Cost:     £250 
              (early bird discount £230 if booked 1 month prior to                                                                             the workshop)

Time:    10:00 am to 5:00 pm (Saturday registration 9.30 am)

Conscious Ascension- Moving Out of Fear into Love 
March 30/31 & April 1st 2019
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
Ascension is the gradual awakening of your soul to higher levels of awareness and consciousness.
This process is usually accompanied by a series of life changes, uncomfortable symptoms, intense healing and transformation.  The uncomfortable symptoms arise because low frequency beliefs, patterns and energies are gradually being released so that you can embody more Light, align to your Divinity and your Soul Purpose/Mission.

 As the energies within you rise in frequency, your life will change to embody more Grace, Health, Abundance, Joy, Fulfillment and Divine Connection.  By raising our own vibrations, that of the collective consciousness of humanity will also rise.  And perhaps in time, there will be Peace on Earth.

The Pathway to Joy part 1: 
Transmuting the   Obstacles        
May 18/19/20, 2019
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
Few people live life joyously.  Yet joy is our natural state.  Unless they are ill, all children are joyful.  But as we grow up, things happen and other things get in the way.  If only …….. (I had a partner; was well; had plenty of money, had a new car, had a full belly, was thin, etc), then I would be happy/joyful.  But joy is not dependant upon these things, and we can be joyful without having any of the things we think we need.
Part I – Transmuting the Obstacles is about transforming the emotional debris that prevents us from feeling joy, and will prepare the way for :-

Part II – The Cornerstones of Joy, which will be coming next year.  You are not required to do Part I before doing Part II, though obviously it would be beneficial to do so.

*Part II – The Cornerstones of Joy will be coming in 2020.

Manifesting Miracles
September 21/22/23, 2019 
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
What is your hearts desire?  Are you blocked in reaching your dream? 

This workshop will give you tools to allow you to work miracles in your life: Giving you the confidence, self-worth, and belief that you can achieve whatever you desire.  Deeply empowering and transformative meditations will guide you to embody your dreams, step into your future, and be the miracle worker you always wanted to be

Standing in Your Power
**November 23/24/25, 2019 
Kingskerswell, Devon, UK
Standing In Your Power means that you recognize and accept that you are complete within yourself, without the need for any particular thing, person, cirumstance or outcome (i.e you are not your job, your Family, your money etc.)  You give up the illusion that anything outside of yourself give you happiness, control or power.  In this workshop you will come to realise and use the POWER WITHIN.
**These dates may change slightly if flights from Dublin change.    Please call us in July to confirm

Workshop Leaders
 Intuitative Diagnosticians and Vibrational Healers
(We do the impossible every day. Miracles take a little longer.)

Lorraine is a Vibrational Diagnostician and Quantum Healer and the source of the BQH channelled quantum healing modality.  She has a degree in Physics, Astronomy and Mathematics, worked on Wall Street for ten years and has been healing for over 20 years.
Mary is a Vibrational Diagnostician and Quantum and Crystal Healer and
originator of the channelled Crystal Lightuk gem essences.  She has owned a number of retail companies, is a trained crystal therapist and Spiritual Healer and has been healing for over 30 years.  
Tel. 0044 (0) 1803-402081


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