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About Us

Biodynamic Quantum Healing is a collaboration between Mary Whyte and Lorraine Wright, who have worked internationally in energy and matrix healing for many years, and is the result of their ongoing commitment to excellence in healing. 


Biodynamic Quantum Healing's Mary Whyte

As well as being clairvoyant, clairaudient and clairsentient, Mary is a crystal, spiritual and quantum healer and originator of the channelled Crystal Light gem essences.  


Biodynamic Quantum Healing's Lorraine Wright

Lorraine uses her abilities as a clairvoyant and clairsentient in her work as a quantum healer and the source of a channelled quantum healing modality. Both are medical and spiritual intuitives.

BQH is a vibrational healing modality which supports change and transformation though vibrational adjustments on the quantum and other levels.

All work is done at a distance and it is not necessary for us to see you. Clients may find this difficult to understand. But we are like old fashioned radios - we tune in to the correct station (ie you) to receive the signal(s) and in turn can transmit a healthy vibration to you to restore physical, mental and emotional health.

BQH is a wholly empowering, non-invasive healing technique which allows us to unlock ancestral, past life and karmic limiting beliefs, patterns and programmes on the cellular and genetic levels, as well as those generated during this present incarnation. We look at the whole client, both on a physical and energetic level as well as the higher bodies. In many cases, the healing will extend to immediate family as well as ancestors, as no man is an island! Our aim is to release clients from their own and other people’s limitations on all levels and to enable them to find the source of their own power and happiness.

The work that we do covers many different levels of consciousness, and clients sometimes come to us with a faith which does not believe in past lives. We have no problem with this - you do not have to believe in the way we work - all we ask is that you keep an open mind!

We constantly channel new information and no two healing sessions are the same.

Our clients come from all walks of life and include many healers. Most of our clients come by word of mouth and we rarely advertise. We also work with animals and children who respond well to this type of healing - having no negative bias! Pets will often come to the telephone or create a fuss whilst we are healing, either because they require healing themselves or they have information to share.

For example, a few months ago, a client's cat indicated that there was a problem with the client's bed. As the client and her husband were trying to conceive, this was interesting information. From discussions with the client, it was ascertained that the bed had an electric underblanket on it, which would disrupt the couple's electro-magnetic fields and reduce the likelihood of conception.

We like working with children and have good results with behavioural and learning difficulties, Down's syndrome and autistic-spectrum disorders. Many of the behavioural difficulties experienced by schools today are due to the number of children with learning difficulties, Aspergers or autism they contain - possibly up to 70% of the children currently in schools. Most of the children go undiagnosed due to the 'mild' nature of their symptoms, (diagnosis of these disorders is based on sets of behavioural criteria) and the child is classed as naughty, disruptive, or odd. So if you have a child who is disruptive at school or at home, is a 'drama queen' or a fussy eater, has difficulties sleeping at night, has difficulties making or keeping friends, is bullied, is argumentative or likes to have the last word, you might like to give us a call..................!

Whilst we can sometimes (34% of the time) effect an immediate dramatic improvement in symptoms, chronic illnesses usually take time and ongoing sessions to resolve, as they are made up of many differing layers. We are like onions and many layers may have to be peeled off to get to the core. However, most clients (96%) do notice a significant improvement in their overall health after the first session.

Much of our work is with clients where the established medical practice is only managing the symptoms or fighting a rearguard action. Approximately 40% of the time we can improve or eliminate the symptoms. For others, we can strengthen and support the body to enable it to cope a little better.

We can be very helpful in emergency situations (ie accidents, heart attacks, stroke) where prompt action can save a life. Many people die as a result of shock and trauma, rather than the injuries they sustain, and clearing these and healing internal damage can make the difference between recovering well or recovering poorly.

Like all healers and medical practitioners, some of our clients die (usually those referred to us at the end stages of an illness, when they are too drugged on morphine or too weak to respond well to healing). We offer assistance both to the dying and to the family left behind. Some of those who die may not understand what is happening to them, and we are there to support them in making the transition to the other side.

For a free discussion as to how we could help you, please telephone us. Our details are on the contact page.

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