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Crystal Light UK Essences

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Transformational Essences & Master Essences

Price: £15.99 per 30ml bottle

This wonderful range of Essences have been especially created with great love by Mary Whyte, Crystal Practitioner, Teacher, Healer, and Counsellor, Spiritual Development Workshop and Meditation Tutor, and Lorraine Wright, Healer, Teacher, Counsellor, and Spiritual Development Workshop leader. These unique Vibrational Essences were developed under guidance channeled from the Angelic Realms and the Ascended Masters.

These unique essences are an aid in bringing balance and harmony to the whole person in Mind, Body and Spirit at a time of great change on our planet. They facilitate the flexibility and change needed at this time of resurgence of Earth.

Crystal Light Essences are lovingly prepared using a combination of the highest vibrational healing energies of the Mineral Kingdom, the Angelic Realms, the Divine Masters, Colour, Sacred Sound, Sacred Crystal Configurations, together with the Universal Life Force.

These Essences go through many stages of preparation; each stage increasing the vitality and life force within.

Firstly, they are p repared in a crystal bowl using the finest 40% brandy. The crystal bowl is then placed within many sacred configurations of crystal energy used to energise and potentize the crystals in the bowl.

The contents of the bowl is than infused with the sacred sounds of many ancient singing bowls from Tibet; vibrational tuning forks, esoteric music, as well as many more sacred sounds, symbols and the full spectrum of colour Mother Earth has to offer, together with prayer and meditation.

They are finished by energising under the Sun, Moon, Stars within a pyramid before being bottled and labelled by hand. Finally, they are Blessed and Dedicated before being offered to you.

These Essences may be taken by mouth, rubbed on pulse points on the body, used in a bath, or blended with water to make a spray.

The current range includes:

Master Essences

Price: £15.99 per 30ml bottle

All the Master essences work within the vibrations of the 5th Dimension to help with change

Into The Light

Master essence - Energy clearing- gives protection against psychic attack, transmutes negative energy to positive

This essence was developed with the intervention of Archangels Michael and Metatron, together with many of the Ascended Masters and Divas of the mineral kingdoms, to help us to be clearer Channels of Light. It aids in clearing all levels of consciousness across all dimensions of being, including; the quantum, and other levels. It gives protection against other peoples’ negative influences and psychic attacks on all levels including those of the Galactic Realms. This essence has the ability to transcend negative matter into positive matter through the intervention of the Angelic and Mineral Realms with the amount of Light these dimensions carry: hence the name “Into the Light".

It works within the vibrations of the 5 dimension.


Master essence- An essence of Ascension- works within 5th dimension- Facilitates change in consciousness

An excellent essence for one to use during periods of change, as it helps the Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual bodies to remember and return to their original state of perfection. it helps to encompass ones own innate wisdom/soul's wisdom. It improves the awareness of the interconnectiveness of all living things, allowing one to channel and work within the vibrations of 5th dimension.

This is an essence of ascension allowing one to channel and work within the vibrations of the 5 dimension.


Master essence -an essence of Ascension

Expands chakras above the crown allowing for increased clarity from source

This essence has been channeled and especially developed to awaken our spiritually; allowing us to connect with the Higher Self, the Angelic realms and the knowledge of past Masters.

This is an essence of ascension allowing one to channel and work within the vibrations of the 5 dimension.


Master essence - aids mankind transition into the 5th Dimension

This essence aids in the release of addictive and despondent behaviour patterns as well as frustration, self-imposed limitations, and fear of the unknown. Dispelling these blockages, it helps one through the transition period with confidence in oneself, and confidence in the process of life. It promotes mental and emotional clarity, courage and strength.

Transformational Essences

Price: £15.99 per 30ml bottle

Blues Away

(alleviates depression, doom and gloom)

This essence deals with the emotions of negativity, doom and gloom, Hopelessness. It aids in the release of addictive and despondent behavioural patterns as well as, self-imposed limitations and fear of the unknown. It is an aid in healing the negativity and frustration in life. It helps in transmuting doom, gloom and hopelessness to a feeling of possibilities, hope and joy.

It helps to clear accumulated self doubt, unworthiness, self criticism, whilst giving strength and courage to face the present and the future with confidence, security and trust.

It promotes mental and emotional clarity, courage and strength to make CHANGES IN ONE'S LIFE.

Be Flexible

(aids mental, emotional & physical change)

This essence promotes flexibility within oneself on all levels of consciousness as well as flexibility on the physical level. Releases tension in the physical body, and helps to awaken the kundalini. Is an aid in developing intuition and spiritual growth. On an energetic level, it rejuvenates the prostrate gland, testicles and uterus.

Bugs be Gone

(energetic parasite cleanse)

This essence helps change the subconscious’ mental, and emotional bodies energy patterns from being one of victim to one of control.

It aids in the eradication and protection of being a victim of energetic parasites, helping and supporting the mental, emotional and physical bodies to be restored to a state of good health and wellbeing.

Calm in Motion

(alleviates stress and tension)

This is an essence of ascension bringing rainbows into one’s life. It encourages change through divine love. The trans personal chakras above the crown are gently opened to allow the flow of Heavenly beings into one’s reality. This helps one to move forward in life at a comfortable pace, which is acceptable without being intrusive. It stimulates the synthesis of love and spirituality and promotes joy and peace during periods of change. The mental and emotional bodies, as well as the chakras start to move and realign, ushering in a shift of consciousness which facilitates change. An excellent essence for one to use during difficult periods of unease and unrest, as it helps the body to remember its state of perfection.

Courage for Challenges

(helps through change)

This essence lives up to its name. It is helpful for entering new cycles such as “children returning back to school”, “Students back to college” and for new situations and new ventures, both at home and at work. This essence is an aid for anyone having difficulty letting go of old memories and patterns and adjusting to change. It balances procrastination and indecision and encourages change. It is an aid in in neutralising and transmuting excessive worries and negative thoughts. It promotes confidence and a capacity to cope with any mental, emotional and physical challenges as they arise. It aids in letting go of "old patterns", and embracing CHANGE.


(aids the connection to the "Light Body")

(Channelled from the “Lords of Light”)

This Essence helps one to “Transcend into a higher wavelength of Light”. From this light encoding, the oversoul body and the physical body become one. It aids one in moving from the 4th into the 5th dimension and enables one to function on a higher wavelength to encompass the Earth’s changes at this time.

Fat Free

(Weight issues)

This essence helps with one to deal the emotional issues around weight; either being under or over weight. Many of these issues are not just inherited genetically but energetically. This essence addresses and aids the healing of the energetic Family/Ancestral issues which can cause an imbalance in weight.

Focus on Now

(grounding & protection)

This is a very powerful healer. It repairs damage to the Auric Field and promotes Psychic Protection. Keeps one more centred in the present to cope with practical tasks and grounded after a deep emotional experience, trauma or shock. Helps to alleviate absent mindedness and confusion. It protects as it dispels fear, promotes inspiration and enhances understanding.


(shifts external influences)

This essence provides “New Beginnings” as it clears intrusive energy on our being, imposed by others, their insecurities, negative projections and thought forms. This intrusive energy around ones being causes “Stuckness”. With regular use this essence will give the freedom to make changes and “Move on” in life.

Go Forward

(aids in "moving one on" in life)

This was developed to aid and support the major changes in our life. For when we feel held back by negative and unresolved patterns; a feeling of “getting nowhere”. It helps to change negative thought patterns, and restore optimism and direction as it promotes motivation. It strengthens the ability to cope, as well as encourages us to “move on”. It helps transmute negative thought patterns one to recognise positive possibilities and opportunities as they are presented.


(releases emotional pain & repairs the emotional body)

This essence has helped many people emotionally. It is not just for the bereaved, but for anyone who has experienced separation as well as those suffering from any kind of loss, e.g. job, position, relationship, limbs through surgery etc. It helps to resolve very deep buried pain from this life as well as past lives. It diffuses sad and painful memories or painful relationships, and renews the ability to trust in others and gives confidence to “Love again”.

Inner Child

(aids in repair of emotional wounds as well as abuse)

This essence helps one to release and transmute some of the negative mental and emotional wounds surrounding being “Grown Up”. It addresses issues such as fear, guilt, abuse, being a victim, having no power, having a voice but being unable to be heard, and loss of the self; to name just a few. This essence helps to heal the wounds of the past whilst promoting self-love and self-acceptance, strength, liberation, self-confidence, as well as a sense of deserving and belonging. It helps to renew faith, trust, hope and a connection to the Divine within.


(energetically balances blood sugar levels)

This essence deals energetically with the emotional imbalances and conditions of the pancreas and kidneys. Imbalances in the energy of the pancreas can lead to blood sugar conditions such as diabetes and cancer and those of the kidneys can lead to chronic inflammation and dementia.

This essence also deals with S.A.D (Seasonal Affect Disorder), as well as issues dealing with weight (both weight loss and weight gain).

Prosperity and Abundance

(helps to transmute beliefs of poverty and lack)

This essence helps to break down negative beliefs around prosperity. Poverty and lack is a belief held in the consciousness. Many of these beliefs, thoughts and memories focusing on lack have been handed down through ancestral lines. Negativity such as: not good enough; not worthy enough to earn a good living; being born into poverty and being unable to change; money going out faster than it comes in; believing money is filthy and dirty, etc. Taking this essence regularly, helps to change these inherited negative patterns and beliefs. It helps to create a consciousness of freedom and abundance, feeling good about ourselves and deserving of all the good things the Universe has to offer. It helps one to move forward in a new and renewed consciousness of fulfilment, contentment and harmony with others as well as in harmony with the universe. When we change the beliefs, the Universe has an inexhaustible supply of abundance.

Radiation Block

(aids in protection from radiation)

This essence helps to defend our physical and energetic bodies from the toxic and profoundly harmful and damaging effects of radiation in our environment. It provides protection against EMF's emitted from mobile phone masts, mobile phones, computers, televisions, digital telephones etc., as well as the technological "smog" which damages cellular tissues as well as draining energy the from energetic bodies.

Radiation Reverse

(aids in healing the damage from radiation)

This essence aids in protecting one against the radiation toxicity to which we are all subjected. Besides the physical effects of chronic fatigue, headaches and skin lesions, there are also the negative effects on the emotional body, such as feelings of inadequacy, ultra-sensitivity, depression, detachment, as well as irrational behaviour. This essence addresses all of the above symptoms bringing more balance and harmony.

Radiation Reverse essence helps to repair fragmentation and fracturing in the auric fields, whilst also healing and strengthening. It is a grounding and balancing essence as it aids one to attune to the perfection of the universe;grounding and stabilising one's energy. It is an aid in realigning the Crown Chakra to the Earth's energy Field, which promotes alignment of the physical and etheric energy of one's being

Self Confidence & Self Esteem

(promotes drive and enthusiasm)

This essence is an aid for those who question their own abilities in accomplishing their desires. It helps to break down old patterns of behaviour that possibly block us from moving forward, which no longer serve our best interests. It helps with the release and transmutation of guilt, self limitations, low self-esteem and self-worth as well as loss of drive and enthusiasm. This essence helps in healing the underlying issues whilst encouraging and restoring the positive and harmonising energies of enthusiasm, courage, self respect, self confidence, self empowerment and self esteem.


(emergency essence)

Good for instant emergency relief of anxiety, fear, terror, agitation, shock, trauma, grief, illness and accidents, panic and hysteria, shock and pain. A helpful remedy if experiencing travel sickness, birth trauma, or accident trauma. Helps to neutralise shock and promotes immediate balance and harmony. Quickly re aligns the chakras and auric fields, returning equilibrium.

Whale DNA

(address disharmony through illness)

This essence was channelled through the Elohim, Masters of Light. It was given as an aid in helping us through a time of planetary unrest, change and transition. This change/transition is taking place upon the Earth at this time, both personally and globally on the mental, emotional and physical levels, as well as on the environmental level. Through the guidance of The Elohim, The Angelic Realms, and The Divas of the Mineral Kingdoms, together with the cooperation of the Great Humpback Whale, and Dwarf Sperm Whale, an essence to combat some of the global illness was developed.

This essence will address all levels of consciousness, bringing us back into harmony with ourselves and with Mother Earth. It works on an energetic level as an aid in combating conventional as well as man-made viruses and illnesses.

On the energetic level, cold and flu symptoms are eased and the respiratory system rebalanced. It works on the syphilitic, petrochemical, and tubercular miasms to correct imbalances and disharmony. Stimulates the DNA process and aids in cell mitosis.

Price: £15.99 per 30ml bottle  

New Crystal, Flower & Plant Essences

Price: £12.99 per 30ml bottle


(soul shield)

This essence provides the shield and strength of a warrior to protect against the many external negative forces and influences which interfere and disrupt the souls purpose in this lifetime; both on and around our planet. This is a very strong and and protective energy which helps to strengthen ones boundaries as well as strengthening the auric field; protecting the soul from outside attack from the dark elements.

It works on all level of consciousness across all dimensions of being. It gives protection against other peoples negative influences and psychic attack on all levels including those of the Galactic Realms

Emotional Balance

(alleviates emotional overload and burnout)

This essence helps to deal with emotional fatigue/ exhaustion, lethargy and emotional burnout. Emotional stress & Tension

Alleviates Nervous burnout; Shock & Trauma

This essence aids in healing the emotional legacy of one's ancestral line, inherited through parents, Grandparents, etc., passed from generation to generation, along with the legacy of our genetic makeup. this essence helps in clearing the legacy of emotional energy and beliefs, which we take on as our own.

Assists in the transmutation of emotional energies that have accumulated over a life-time; including energies that one has taken on from other people. An essence of Peace and Emotional Balance


(transmutes anger, aggression and hostility into co-operation peace and unity)

This essence is a fundamental remedy which helps to transmute negative, destructive vibrations to those of harmony and trust. This essence reaches the heart and soul, restoring all the good and harmonious vibrations of love, peace, tranquility and joy which have always been there.....just smothered. This essence addresses conditions such as: anger, agitation, fear, dread, destructiveness, abandonment, rejection, resentment, envy, jealously, suspicion, cynicism, hate, hostility, negativity, paranoia and vengeance; to name a few.

Mental Balance

(alleviates mental overload and burnout)

This essence helps to deal with mental fatigue, exhaustion, lethargy and mental burnout, emotional stress and tension.

Alleviates mervous system burnout, shock and trauma.

It helps to calm an overly active mental state giving greater clarity. This clarity is attained with the integration of the Higher Brain and the Higher Mind aiding greater spiritual understanding.

An excellent essence for one to use during difficult periods of unease and unrest, as it helps the body to remember the state of perfection which aids it to return to a state of flawlessness. Increases focus and concentration. Also an excellent essence for students, children and anyone who works in a mental capacity.

Excellent for focusing the mind and giving wonderful clarity.


(promotes vitality through one's inner source of energy)

This essence helps to clear any blocked and stagnant energy patterns throughout the body caused by conscious and unconscious past shock and trauma, which prevents a full response to healing. It is an aid in restoring the body's vitality after an illness or taxing ordeal.

This essence allows one to go beyond the physical and tap into another dimension of consciousness (soul connecting) which gives renewal and restoration. It is an aid in dealing with conditions such as exhaustion & fatigue, apathy, depletion, hyperactivity, physical, mental, and emotional stress, lethargy, sleep deprivation, melancholia, sexual depletion and feeling burned out, procrastination.

Tiger Lilly

(an aid in balancing emotions and the male & female hormones)

This essence aids in the transformation of the negative aspects of anger, aggression and hostility, to one of co-operation, unity and peace. It facilities the balance of male & female energy (yin/yang) within. It helps to ground and transmute negative aspects of the lower self, allowing the lighter and higher energies to flow throughout the body.

This essence brings balance and healing to the mental and emotional bodies. An essence of UNITY, PEACE & BALANCE.

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